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I am Not Afraid of Storms: a Louisa May Alcott Quote

I am Not Afraid of Storms:  a Louisa May Alcott Quote

Inspiration strikes, sometimes in the most curious of places. In creating our new collection of heirloom gifts we naturally look to the world around us. Here in New England, on the Connecticut shoreline, the history and culture is rich with stories of the sea and ties to boats and sailing. The metaphorical "storm rolling in" is a common descriptor for emotions, and the sea is a popular place to go for healing and renewal.

So, it is a bit expected that boats are an image we return to in our work, as this new hand-carved ornament featuring a sail boat shows. As Louisa May Alcott wrote, "I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship."

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Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way

This piece from our collection of new arrivals is a tribute to the one who is always by your side.

Featuring a hand-carved landscape of trails and evergreen trees, it is a nod to the journey we are all on together.

Gift it to your loved one as you head towards the future together, every step of the way. Find it in the shop here.

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Paloma's Nest Supports Entrepreneurs through Kiva

The season of love and gratitude is upon us, so we wanted to share an update about how Paloma's Nest gives back to our global community of creatives! Since 2009, a portion of our proceeds go to where we invest in entrepreneurs around the globe. A few examples of our most recent recipients include Dora in Bolivia, who received funds to purchase materials for her weaving; Cristóbal in El Salvador was able to invest in equipment for his wood working shop; Leyla in Guatemala got the silk and thread she needed to improve the quality of her embroidery work so that she could be be competitive in her city. These artisans are just like us. They use their art and their craft to produce products for their clients. Their creativity is their livelihood.

However, unlike us, these entrepreneurs live in countries where they don’t have access to basic financial tools like affordable loans or even a bank account. They live day to day and don’t have extra funds to invest in making their workflow faster or their goods more viable in the marketplace. By donating and lending through Kiva, we hope to give opportunity to our fellow artisans and to do our tiny part to empower them in their work and in their journey. Thank you for your support of Paloma’s Nest- because of you, we are able to pass the gift of entrepreneurship on to others.

If you have an interest in supporting Kiva, we invite you to join our Kiva "team" where we can band together to support specific initiatives and fund loans together!

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Creative Outlet: 100 Acts of Sewing

100 Acts of Sewing - Shirt Number One example on Instagram

As a full time "professional" creative, it can be so hard to find ways to use art and craft for my own personal fulfillment or relaxation. Can any one relate to that? Over the years I have tinkered in many art forms, from drawing and painting to photography and knitting.

I have recently been intrigued by the #slowfashion movement and have been making a conscious effort to buy fewer, better quality things for my closet (and first looking at thrift stores and consignment shops when I need something).  On my wish list for the coming year is to teach myself how to sew. Luckily there are so many wonderful resources out there that include videos and tutorials, and my favorite so far is a site called 100 Acts of Sewing. Designer and artist Sonya Philip has created what is essentially a capsule collection of basic patterns, like this beloved "Shirt No. 1" that beginners and advanced sewers alike have made a staple in  their wardrobe.

I can't wait to pair this pattern with some of the Japanese and Guatemalan textiles I have been hoarding! Stay tuned, I'll post my finished shirt when it's complete. What kinds of relaxing past times to you hope to incorporate more of into your daily life?

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The 2017 Holiday Collection is Here!

Custom Wooden Star Ornament by Paloma's Nest

The long awaited 2017 Holiday Collection is here! This year's new designs include several personalized Christmas ornaments, a 2017 Commemorative Dove ornament, and a brand new Commemorative House ornament! Begin your new tradition this year with a custom gift from Paloma's Nest. Save 20% on your order for a limited time only with code HOLIDAYYAY and celebrate our 10 year anniversary with us!

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Christmas in July! It's a SALE!

Limited Edition Nativity Set in wood and ceramic by Paloma's NestPaloma's Nest is famous for our annual Holiday Collection, where we present the finest in handcrafted collectible ornaments, Christmas stockings, personalized gifts, advent calendars, tree skirts, nativity sets and more! We look forward to the season all year long, don't you?!

This year we are celebrating "Christmas in July," by offering 20% off all items in our holiday collection! Many are available to ship right away, and others are offered as pre-orders and will ship in early-November 2017. Use promo code XMASINJULY17 from now until the end of the month (July 31, 2017, midnight EST)  to receive the discount on any item in our Holiday Collection!




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Custom House Portraits

Custom House Portrait Drawing by Paloma's Nest
Our hand-drawn Custom House Portraits make for a very special gift for someone who truly makes their House into a Home! Drawn in pen and ink from the photographs you submit to us, we carefully and thoughtfully translate the photo into a stunning art piece that will be cherished for generations to come.
Home is truly where the heart is, and this gift of art is the perfect way to celebrate a new home (or saying goodbye to an old one), a retirement, a birthday, or even an anniversary- any occasion when you want to recognize the love and care the recipient has put into their "most important place in the world!"
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Modern Keepsake Gifts for New Baby

Wooden Keepsake Box for Baby Gift by Paloma's Nest
We all love to shower new babies with clothing and toys, but the truth is, an infant can only play so much or wear so many outfits! How about giving a gift that will last forever- one that will mark the date of the child's birth, and hold precious memories as they grow up?
Our wooden keepsake box is handcrafted with a personalized porcelain tile that features the name and/or birth date of the child. It's perfect for holding the first lock of hair, the hospital ID bracelet, a few special photos, and even their first lost baby tooth.
Parents will appreciate the simple and timeless design of a box that they will want to proudly display in the home.
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Gifts Ideas for a Ninth Anniversary: Ceramics!

Ceramic gifts for ninth wedding anniversary- ring bowl, cufflinks, ornament, custom made by Paloma's Nest

Are you celebrating nine years as a married couple? Tradition says the "perfect" gift for your ninth wedding anniversary is one made from ceramic!

Our personalized gifts and keepsakes are sure to bring a smile and become a special heirloom for your family, and most all are custom-crafted of the finest ceramic, right here in our studio on the Connecticut Shoreline.

Tradition is the root of all that we do here at Paloma's Nest- whether it is embracing an old family tradition, or finding a new and modern tradition that best suites you and the life you are creating. Give them something that is more than just a gift- give them an heirloom that will be passed on to future generations!

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