Mushybooks: Modern Baby Books

Posted on March 30, 2014

I admit it.

Valentín is two years old and I haven't started his baby book. (GASP!)

Maybe he falls victim to being the "second child" (we know how that goes), or maybe I can blame technology for the fact that most all of his baby pictures live in digital format. But I think much of it has to do with not being able to find a well-designed, timeless Baby Book to use as his special keepsake. I'm picky like that.

Until now.

I discovered MushyBooks on Instagram one day and instantly felt a kindred connection the brand: like Paloma's Nest, MushyBooks is creating products that don't scream "cutesy-baby-overload" and instead focus on clean, classic style that will still be beautiful long into the future. A simple white cover is detailed with baby feet, and the book is filled with well-designed pages for all of the essentials: a family tree, baby's first haircut, favorite things...


MushyBooks was created and run by mom-to-three Lesley in British Columbia, Canada. I'm headed over to her site to order one today!

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