Home is Where your Heart Is.

Posted on February 15, 2010 | 4 comments

It didn’t seem right to just jump on in talking about my “inspiration” for creating Modern Heirlooms, or why I have dedicated my work as an artist to Paloma’s Nest, without some background- perhaps a little about me.

So we’ll start small. I’d like to introduce you to my hometown.

Mystic, Connecticut is a tiny New England town situated on the Atlantic Ocean, bursting with architecture, history, and old things. Mystic was founded in 1654. Quite a long time ago.

Growing up, it really seemed normal to me to live in a house built in 1863. And, like in most old towns, every home there has a personality, with its own quirks and charms. Many houses are given “names,” based on who built the house or who lived in it. In Mystic, if you were a prominent Sea Captain, your house was painted white and situated right at the mouth of the river- so your family could watch for your ship to come in from your voyage. If you were a merchant, you lived in one of the little cottages close to the downtown area, often adjacent to your shop.

History fascinates and inspires me; I see architecture and antiques as relics that have so much to teach us about who we are, and why we live the way we do today. When homes and heirlooms are preserved for future generations, that link to the past is carried forward. I dedicate my own work to creating art pieces that will carry stories forward.

In beginning this new blog, I had no idea what to write first. Since HOME is where your heart is, this seemed like a good place to start.

How has your hometown influenced who you are  or where you live today?

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  • vana

    I grew up in a Mediterranean town filled with ancient architecture and so much history. It is the main reason why i studied architecture. Where i live now, doesn’t compare to where i grew up but it’s nice mix of tradition and modern and semi urban which reminds me of home.

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  • Jacqueline

    Congratulations on your beautiful new site…and your wonderful blog! All of the details here are just as lovely as your stunning artistry and hand-crafted treasures. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – best wishes to you! Oh – and I can’t wait to order a ring bowl for my wedding later this year!

  • trisha

    history and architecture are also in my top list of inspiration; one can’t help but be shaped by the past.

    the new site is beautiful and loving your editorial approach for the blog. looking forward to many more of your ‘stories to tell’!


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