Kiva: Why Paloma's Nest Gives to other Entrepreneurs

[caption id="attachment_304" align="alignright" width="203" caption="Jose Benito Berrios Maravilla, a jewelry designer & businessman in Nicaragua, recipient of a loan funded in part by Paloma's Nest"][/caption]

As an young entreprenuer, sometimes it is easy to forget that the opportunities we may take for granted in the USA are not always available to other like-minded business people around the globe.

For those in countries where the yearly income is equal to what an average weeks' paycheck may be here, saving "a little extra" to open a business, make an investment, or get an education to better yourself and your family is often simply impossible.

I'd like to talk a bit about the commitment that Paloma's Nest has made to the organization Kiva since 2009.

Kiva is an organization that enables partnerships between individual lenders and recipients around the world. Kiva empowers lenders to reach entrepreneurs in countries where loans are hard to attain and even harder to repay due to sky-high interest rates.

At Paloma's Nest, we see this as an opportunity to give back what the world has given us. An opportunity to foster the growth of another small business, open a door for a shop owner, or support a craftsman wanting to better their work and expand their market. We believe in the core values that Kiva fosters- dignity, accountability, and transparency- and hope that by being a tiny part of a huge global puzzle, our contribution will help someone reach their dream.

A portion of every single sale we make at Paloma's Nest is given to a well-deserving entrepreneur, in the form of a Kiva Loan, each month. As the loans are repaid to us through the Kiva system, we then re-invest the funds in another small business to lengthen the chain and extend the reach of our giving.

We thank you, our customers and clients, for the community you have given Paloma's Nest- a community so strong and full of hope that we are able to pass on that spirit to others around the globe.

What organizations do you hold close to your heart?