One Minute History Lesson: A Lid for Every Pot

Posted on April 05, 2010 | 2 comments

Once in a while I receive a request for  a custom text that makes me curious. Quotes, writings, and poetry of all kinds are an interest and an inspiration for me, so when I read something that peeks my interest, I love to find out more.

One such text was from this custom order that I was making last week. (The clay in this image above is wet clay- so it is gray in color. It will turn a snowy white color when dried and then fired in the kiln.) The text that Laura and Frank requested was "A LID FOR EVERY POT;" an adage dating back several hundreds of years, meaning that there is someone out there - maybe a perfect match- for everyone.

As I researched further, I found that this saying is one that has roots in the proverbs of most every culture; some of the versions I found included:

Every pot will find its lid.- Yiddish (on marriage)

'There is no pot, however ugly, that does not one day find a cover."

So every beast finds a mate. -Honoré de Balzac, French novelist and playwright,  from  "The Maid of Thilouse"

You never know where inspiration may come from-perhaps in an image, or just a few words. Do you have some quotes or texts that have influenced or inspired you?

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  • Mike Mesquite

    My wife used this comment recently and added a twist.

    I have a sweater that she thinks is ugly. Personally, I like the sweater, and wear it in my “sweater rotation.” I wore it in a grocery store, and between customers, one of the cashiers commented that she liked my sweater. I was encouraged that my taste was not completely out of step with reality, so I joyously went home and announced my admirer’s compliment to my wife. That was when she evoked her twist on the saying you highlight.

    She said, “Well, there is a lid for every pot, … even the cracked ones…”

    OK, maybe not quite “LOL,” but at least this is worth a smile.

  • Amberdawn

    Very sweet :)

    A woman I used to work with said “I think there’s someone for everyone, you just have to try to find him before you die.” I always equate that with this expression now.


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