Announcing our exclusive Canadian Boutique: Sash & Bustle

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Sash & Bustle in Toronto, Canada, as our newest retailer!

For  quite a long time, we have been seeking the perfect shop to help us better serve our Canadian clients.  We asked our friends in the wedding industry to recommend some of the best bridal boutiques in Canada, and over and over the answer was: "Sash & Bustle."  And, how happy are we that this shop values the same things we do at Paloma's Nest:  "a modern, simple aesthetic and a focus on customer service," (as quoted from their site). It's as if we have found a kindred spirit!

The normal delivery time for a package to travel from our studio in Austin, Texas into Canada through customs can take several weeks. But, through Sash & Bustle, brides can easily order and receive their shipment within Canada, via Canada Post, eliminating the time and expense of  an international shipment.

Sash & Bustle will be offering an assortment of our original Ring Bearer Bowls™ in their Toronto boutique as well as in their online shop- saving our Canadian brides both time and cost.  Paloma's Nest products will be in-stock at Sash & Bustle starting later this month! (Please note, for the time being, our customized pieces will still only be available directly through Paloma's Nest). Thank you, Sash & Bustle, for welcoming us into your fine shop!

Do you know of any wonderful boutiques that would be a great match for the Paloma's Nest collection? Let us know!