Clara French Ceramique: Heirloom Cake Stands

I've been studying ceramics and working in the field for many years. As in most industries, its easy to get used to seeing the same old thing, over and over. But once in a while you are nicely surprised. These pieces here are anything BUT the same old thing. When I first saw the work of Clara French Ceramique, my mouth hung wide open in shock. In a good way. Refreshing. Stunning. Innovative. And those colors! Dripping from the edges! Wow.

The cake stands, shown above, are available in an array of color combinations, and can be custom created for your wedding cake. What an amazing heirloom to keep from your celebration- if, like me, you are the type to save things as keepsakes.

If it's not like you to be sentimental about a cake stand, then wait:  select designs can be rented for your event. A terrific idea!