Inspired by Tradition: Erica Weiner Jewelry

Posted on May 05, 2010 | 2 comments

Erica Weiner Jewelry never fails to innovate. Never fails to surprise me. Erica Weiner thrives in bringing vintage pieces back to life, breathing fresh air into lost and forgotten accessories, findings, or nondescript objects.

When I found the "Letterpress Necklace" (as shown above), I had to give myself one for Christmas a few years ago. Not only did it tug on my heartstrings for the way it related to my own text/ letter-based art that I create for Paloma's Nest, but I ordered it with the letters of my daughter's initals- so I could wear it today, and she could enjoy it the years to come.

The beauty in Erica Weiner Jewelry is that most all pieces are limited- their rarity is what makes them even more precious. The company "gathers a collection of curiosities" to develop the line of jewelry, with an emphasis on craftsmanship. A while back, the shop offered vintage shoe clips- embellishments from the 1940's, of which they had found a secret stash. How I wish I had ordered those while they were still around- they would have been perfect on my ballet flats!

Not only is Erica Weiner Jewelry an inspiration in the design-sense, but also in the business world. It's been a few years since I first read this on their site, but it stuck with me : Erica Weiner Jewelry is "a team of trusted friends who carry out almost every aspect of the business in-house. We believe in responsible employment (that means health insurance for everyone working here)."

I am very proud to say that this inspiration led us to where our own business, Paloma's Nest, is today. Thank you, Erica. Every time I wear my Letterpress Necklace, I think of that!

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  • erica Weiner

    this is such a sweet post! Glad to hear that our work is meaningful to people. By the way, we do have more vintage shoe clips. Interested? email me!

  • Dognbird

    Love the mission statement and the language of text art. Fantastic find!


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