The Day I Met My Husband

Posted on June 07, 2010

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the day I met my husband, José.

We fell head-over-heels-in-love with each other within moments of meeting. Um, if you can call "meeting." We were salsa dancing at midnight to the now infamous Austin band Grupo Fantasma, in a room so loud we couldn't possibly hear a word we exchanged... I frequently compare it to the scene in West Side Story where Maria and Tony catch each other's eye at a dance and the whole room stops in silence except for them. Sigh...

Needless to say, we were instantly inseparable, and shared a love of travel, language, and adventure (José is originally from Buenos Aires). But even more importantly, we shared an entreprenerial spirit and a common dream. And a determination that no one could stand in the way of. We designed and built several pieces of furniture together within the first weeks of our romance, and envisioned a company and business we would someday have, melding our love for handcraft with our preferred materials of wood and clay.

The photo above shows the inscription I wrote in a book entitled "Setting Up a Pottery Workshop," which I gave to my now-husband, just weeks after we met. It reads "For José, With hopes that all of our dreams come true. Love, Caro 6/30/03"  Even that early on in our relationship, and we had already planned our life together. And here we are, seven years to the day, living that plan, that dream- with intention.

Seven years have now come and past, and here we are,  a dear little family, with baby making three. We are older, perhaps a little wiser (or maybe not), running two self-built businesses. We married only a few short years after we met (but with an 18 month engagement- when you know, you know!), bought a house (not necessarily in that order), settled in Austin, and are essentially living the life we imagined. For that, and for José, I am so very grateful. I am very excited to see where we will find ourselves, and what we will do, in the next seven years. Happy Anniversary, Mi Amor! Te amo mucho.

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