Cameos by Kristy Rice of Momental Designs

You may have heard me gush over my dear friend Kristy Rice of Momental Designs before. I can't help it.  She is truly one of the most talented artists I know- and one of the few who has managed to leverage her passion and skill into a successful studio and business. Kristy's company, Momental Designs, is the premier provider of hand painted wedding invitations and stationery products in the industry. Most famous for her incredible florals and landscape designs (inspired by your wedding location!), I was thrilled to see Kristy's latest- these cameo-inspired medallions. To be included in a "secret something" she is currently working on, I don't know the details about these nuggets of beauty; but knowing Kristy, it will be nothing less than another amazing project. Be sure to check out Kristy's Blog, Rice Ink, to keep up with her current projects!