Embroidered Heirlooms by A. E. Wilder

Posted on July 14, 2010 | 1 comment

Perhaps you have noticed- I have a thing for heirlooms! Items made of the highest quality natural materials, intended to be passed on to future generations. It is what Paloma's Nest is all about, and it also holds true for the work of Abigail Wilder and her shop A. E. Wilder.  Abigail creates personalized embroidered pieces to mark special occasions, including birthdate plaques and darling growth charts.

My favorite, shown here, is also to be used in daily life. The artist calls this design Family Ground Rules...Illustrated. Our daughter attends Montessori school, so I was particularly drawn to this adorable way for little ones to remember manners, chores, and household responsibility through embroidered icons; Montessori philosophy is rich with teachings of caring, respect and self-responsibility, even for the littlest among us. Some of the ideas represented on this sampler here include:

1. care for the dog
2. love & respect the family
3. pick up your toys
4. when the laundry is done, put it away
5. keep the kitchen tidy

Abigail will even work with you to custom create icons to reflect your own family's Ground Rules. Such a wonderful idea, and so beautifully executed! Visit the A. E. Wilder shop to see all of Abigail's other designs.

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  • The Frugal Style

    Thank you so much for sharing these! This is a wonderful idea… I think using heirlooms in all aspects of life is important to pass down tradition. These are just adorable!
    Melissa :-)


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