The Bicycle: Our newest Ring Bearer Bowl™

Many of you have heard me gush and swoon over our wonderful Studio Manager, Danielle. She is the lady who runs the show behind the scenes at Paloma's Nest- the one who organizes your orders and requests, and cracks the whip at me to stay on task in the studio. (She also cracks me up all day long.) With Dani around, things get done: questions are answered, designs come to life, and clients are happy. She is my right hand woman, and I love her dearly.

So....imagine how excited we are to welcome Danielle's husband, Coby, to the Paloma's Nest team! Coby started at the studio this week and has already proven himself to be a jack-of-all-trades. We are thrilled that Danielle and Coby have decided to join us in making Paloma's Nest even more of a "family business," for many years to come!

This newest design is a tribute to Danielle and Coby, and to their inspired lifestyle. Not only are they a fun and talented couple, but they are also committed cyclists. ("Committed" meaning their car only leaves the driveway when they have to buy 50 pound bags of food in bulk for their two giant dogs.) The two of them can be seen riding their beloved bikes around Austin any day and any time.

When we found this wonderful vintage cycle image, it only seemed fitting that we create and photograph a sample piece for Danielle and Coby;  in honor of their future with our company, and in honor of the love they have for each other. We hope this design,  is the perfect modern heirloom for other bike-loving couples out there!  Customize it with your names and wedding date, or a short text, as we did here for Danielle and Coby.