The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! The 2010 Holiday Collection

Posted on October 15, 2010 | 0 comments

It's here! Some of you may roll your eyes in "its too early" dismay. I know. But the months of work and love that go into creating our yearly Holiday Collection make this a very big day for us! We can not contain ourselves any longer...we just HAVE to share it with you now!

I'll just share a few favorites with you here, like the WHERE WE MET custom map ornament, above; isn't it perfect for newlyweds or a couple spending their first holiday together?   Go check out the whole collection for yourself.

These darling Custom Animal Silhouette Ornaments, above, are perfect for the whole family- even for Baby's First Christmas. Choose the perfect animal for everyone in the family, and turn your tree in a menagerie!

And for the kids, a special Key for Santa. We all wonder how he gets in the back door. I know he can't fit that "bowl full of jelly" belly down my water heater exhaust vent. Not to mention all of those packages. Instead of making up stories or speculating, leave Santa this key, hanging from your door knob, so he can get in on Christmas Eve without any problems. Arrives to you in a cloth bag custom stamped with your family name. Problem solved.

Lastly, be sure to check out our new ceramic letters- below.  Hefty and measuring 3" long, you can hang one as an ornament or decoration, or string them as we have here to create words, phrases, names.  Perfect for holiday parties, wedding and engagement photos, anything you can imagination.  Picture them over a dessert table, on a door, or creating a message within a family portrait. A fun detail that will certainly become an heirloom as you display it each holiday.

This year, for your convenience, the entire collection will be available both on the Paloma's Nest website and in our Etsy shop. So go enjoy, and have yourself a very merry season. Be sure to join our mailing list up at the top right of this page, as we will be sending out coupons throughout the winter.  Cheers!

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