A birthday party in the plans...

It's true. My baby girl is turning 4 next month. As Paloma's Nest approaches it's third birthday, my real Paloma is becoming quite the lovely young lady.

Since she was a tiny pea of a  thing, her life  has been full of bird or dove themed treasures, clothing, books- you name it. Our little dove is strong and delicate, just like a bird, with a peaceful, gracious personality. We could not have chosen a better name for her. And of course, each birthday celebration we have, I find a way to incorporate a "bird theme" of sorts. (I'm a little nostalgic and predictable in that sense!) In fact, Paloma's first birthday party, in 2007, was what inspired the creation of our company, Paloma's Nest, as we know it today. The favors and decor I had created for the party ended up being some of the first designs ever offered in our shop.

This year I spent a lot of time thinking about how to create a simple, fun celebration for this birthday. No stress for the parents, enjoyable for the kids, and do-able for a busy mom and dad to put together when the calendar is right smack in the middle of the holiday season. So, I decided to take advantage of some easy, quick ideas. Paloma's school prints a directory with class lists and parent emails. Guest list- done. I headed over to Pingg to see what they had for invites (and was ready to create one using my own artwork or photo, if need be). I stumbled upon this invite here:

This little bird in the party hat captured my heart. And, it's perfect for the casual meet-at-the-playground party I had in mind. Could it be any easier? And since my invitation and inspiration came so easily, I have plenty of time now to focus on the important things....THE DETAILS!! So, with the party bird as my guide, I started playing in the studio to create the perfect party favor for a bunch of 4 year olds.

This ornament is what I came up with.  I'll tie one to a goodie bag that includes a bird water whistle (you know, those great ones you can play with in the bath tub?!).  As Paloma gets older, I try to focus more and more on things she will remember- and to create pieces that she will have in her collection as she grows up. I hope this little party bird ornament will be just that- an heirloom from her 4th birthday party! What special things do you do for a child's party?