A Ring Bearer Bowl ™ from Paloma's Nest... Not Just for the Ring Boy!

Posted on January 18, 2011 | 0 comments

When we created the very  first Ring Bearer Bowl™ several years ago, our goal was to create a piece that had meaning long after the wedding day. A piece that could commemorate a moment, a union, an occasion- yet also be functional. The Ring Bearer Bowl™ was created to provide an alternative to a ring pillow in a wedding ceremony- but it was also cleverly designed to be so much more.

Our design allows you to securely attach your wedding bands to the bowl, so they are safe as they make their way down the aisle. But, don't think you have to have a "ring boy" to incorporate a Ring Bearer Bowl™ into your ceremony. In fact, many couples don't! The simple timeless design of our Bowls makes them just as beautiful carried by an officiant, a parent, a groomsman or a bridesmaid. Or include your guests in a ring warming or ring blessing ceremony, using your bowl to hold your precious rings.  Even if you are having a very small ceremony, incorporating a Ring Bearer Bowl™ into your union allows you to have an heirloom: a family treasure that will be cherished and passed on for generations to come. Available in over a dozen designs, or customize your own for a truly personalized piece.

After the wedding day has passed, your Ring Bearer Bowl™ will find the perfect place in your home. Your Bowl can be hung on the wall, perhaps next to a wedding portrait. It can hang on a holiday tree, or in a shadow box frame. Of course it can also be used as a ring bowl, to hold your jewelry and other small treasures. However you decide to incorporate your Ring Bearer Bowl™ into your wedding and your home, it is sure to be a special piece that will always remind you of your commitment to each other.

We look forward to creating the perfect Ring Bearer Bowl for your wedding or vow renewal. What would yours say, and where would you use it after your ceremony?

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