Be Glad for This Moment

I admit it. I have been feeling the "blogging guilt" lately. Sad that I haven't had the time to dedicate to posting more about what is going on around here at Paloma's Nest. Sad that I was using the old "not enough time" excuse. So I am making time.

But we HAVE been busy. Really busy.

As some of you may know from our Twitter, we have just moved our studio and offices into a new (and wonderful!) space that we renovated ourselves. We are gearing up for the Austin Renegade Fair in May. We have lots of new products and a few very cool partnerships in the works. We are opening our first flagship brick and mortar boutique in June (yes!)...

The list goes on.... but more about all of those things later.  Amidst all of the hustle and bustle of daily life and daily work, this phrase, as shown on our Tiny Text Bowl here, has stuck in my mind.

A few days ago we had a lovely client order several of these BE GLAD FOR THIS MOMENT bowls for a special occasion. What were they celebrating? Who were they for? She shared with me via email that she was on her way to meet her birth mother and her 5 half sisters for the very first time. Wow.  As I read her story,  I sat in awe that these precious little bowls- going from our hands to theirs- were going to hold so much meaning for this family, for years to come. The words on this bowl suddenly became so powerful. So beautiful. And so important for all of us to remember every day.

So whatever it is keeping you busy, making you tired, driving you to your wits' end- be thankful. Be alive.

Be glad for this moment, for this moment is your life.

...and about all those exciting things we are up to? Don't you worry, I promise to fill you in with details SOON! xo