The Children's Menagerie Furniture Collection by Paloma's Nest

Posted on September 23, 2011 | 0 comments

It's with great pride that we present you this week with our newest work: the Menagerie Furniture Collection for Children.

First, a  little background: since José and I first met many (many!)  years ago, from the earliest days of our relationship, we have been designing together. Furniture, home interiors, artwork, tile- anything we could wrap our little brains around. We learned from each other.  I, from his background in woodworking and building, and he, from my work as an artist and designer. Aesthetically, we complimented each other well, and our relationship blossomed well beyond our mutual love of design! We dreamed of one day starting a house ware and gift company, and, (Jose's biggest wish) a furniture company.

We continue to design together almost daily, and continue to inspire and learn from each other. This weekend we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, so it is a pretty neat coincidence that this same week we bring you our first foray in the world of furniture for the Paloma's Nest collection. In essence,  these new pieces are the embodiment of our dream,  realized.

The Menagerie Furniture Collection starts with these darling animal-shaped chairs, and a tree-trunk table. Sturdy and functional, and entirely handmade of smooth birch plywood, we created these pieces with the little ones in mind: no screws or tiny parts to come loose; sized right, with room to grow; and crafted with care so that they will be passed on for generations to come. Take a peek, and while you're there, be sure to look at the other decorative accessories we have recently added to our Baby & Child line.

Happy Anniversary José, Mi Amor, and thanks to all of you who have continued to encourage our dreams!

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