Austin Studio and Showroom: We're Moving!

Seize the Day jewelry dish by Paloma's NestAround here we believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things happen when you least expect them,  or when it may not seem very convenient upon first glance. But, everything happens in good time and with good purpose in the end.

If you follow us over on Twitter, you may remember that we have been dealing with  a leaky roof at our Austin studio/showroom space since last October. Obviously rain coming into your workspace is no fun; being tenants in a commercial building that is not being properly repaired is no joke.

For example:

Water + Clay = Mud.

Water + Wood = Sad Animal Chairs.

Neither of these things add up when trying to handcraft in the studio on a daily basis.

So, when the opportunity recently presented itself for us to move  into another location close by, we  jumped at the chance (with our landlords' rain-sprinkled blessing) to do what we feel is truly in the best interest of our business. We are looking forward to a fresh, inspiring environment starting next month. A new, dry environment that will allow our production to continue to soar!

The downside? The new space isn't designed to have a showroom open to the public. Now please don't worry your pretty heads, Austin friends. We have loved having a space to welcome our clients, so plans are in the works for a new proper retail showroom in the near future, in a separate location that we hope will be more accessible, bigger and better than the last one. The only difference is that it won't be adjacent to our workspace, so you probably won't see us coming in from the back with sawdust  in our hair and clay under our fingernails. We'll miss that a bit. And we will we miss meeting and greeting you all on the weekends at our little shoppe for a short while. Until then, keep visiting our online store, and stay in touch here and on Twitter. (Remember, that's where we let you know about coupon codes, too!) We also have a few local pop-ups and shows happening on the calendar soon, too.

The last day to come visit our current showroom location at 4402 South Congress Avenue will be Saturday, April 28. We'll be open from noon until 4pm.  After that, it's onwards and upwards. No umbrellas needed, blue skies ahead. xo