Baby Valentín's Nursery: A Whimsical Space that Doubles as a Guest Room

Like any creative project, designing Valentin's nursery was both a challenge and a wonderful time of joy for me. Challenging,  because I wanted to create a room that would grow and change with him easily, work well with the rest of our home, and function as a guest room- a tall order for such a tiny space. Joyful, because I love squeezing a little bit of time into our busy schedule for creative endeavors that are not work-related. And how can you not love the excitement and hope that is poured into making a room for the baby you are about to welcome into your family? Such a special period of time.

Of course it wasn't until after Valentin arrived that I finally finished up the nursery. Little details (like his name on the wall in rope, and hanging the artwork his big sister, Paloma, painted for him) were slowly checked off the to-do list. When our friend Agnes of Knock-Knocking came to visit, she snapped this great image, below.  Want to see details? Check out even more images over at Inspired By This!