Notes from the Studio: A Lesson in Patience

Posted on June 06, 2012 | 0 comments

I don't think I took a breath the whole time. My eyes were watering, and I needed to blink. But this lesson in concentration and patience is one I love dearly. A true test in mastering my craft. A challenge in the quest for "perfection." I look forward to these moments as a creator.

Lovingly hand stamped, one tiny letter at time, this bowl spells out the wedding vows a couple will share with one another next month. This bowl will be displayed and cherished in their home. Their children will one day learn to read the words. Their grandchildren will save it as a reminder of their love. Their great grandchildren will ask to hear the story of this bowl.

Creating heirlooms is our passion. Crafting pieces that will be as beautiful in 100 years as they are today is our inspiration. What inspires the work you do?

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