The Neighborhood Chair Collection!

The Colonial

What a whirlwind season we have had here at Paloma's Nest! We have been building our new studios from scratch (check out our Twitter and Instagram @palomasnest to follow along), designing and creating our newest Collections, and chasing after our 9 month old infant who has decided he is ready to walk (!), so we apologize that the blogging has been seldom here. But for good reason!

Have you seen our Neighborhood Chair Collection? We are just so proud of these. Not only are they a pint-sized place to sit and rest, but they double as a dollhouse! Perfectly sized for imaginative play with standard dolls and dollhouse accessories, animal figurines or dinosaurs, these are sure to keep your little one busy for hours. (Plus, they look so great, you won't mind having one in your living room!) Lucky for us, Paloma loves hers so much we were able to snap lots of photos!

Available in The Colonial, The Victorian, and The Modern styles, which one reminds you of your neighborhood?