Paloma's Nest Supports Entrepreneurs through Kiva

The season of love and gratitude is upon us, so we wanted to share an update about how Paloma's Nest gives back to our global community of creatives! Since 2009, a portion of our proceeds go to where we invest in entrepreneurs around the globe. A few examples of our most recent recipients include Dora in Bolivia, who received funds to purchase materials for her weaving; Cristóbal in El Salvador was able to invest in equipment for his wood working shop; Leyla in Guatemala got the silk and thread she needed to improve the quality of her embroidery work so that she could be be competitive in her city. These artisans are just like us. They use their art and their craft to produce products for their clients. Their creativity is their livelihood.

However, unlike us, these entrepreneurs live in countries where they don’t have access to basic financial tools like affordable loans or even a bank account. They live day to day and don’t have extra funds to invest in making their workflow faster or their goods more viable in the marketplace. By donating and lending through Kiva, we hope to give opportunity to our fellow artisans and to do our tiny part to empower them in their work and in their journey. Thank you for your support of Paloma’s Nest- because of you, we are able to pass the gift of entrepreneurship on to others.

If you have an interest in supporting Kiva, we invite you to join our Kiva "team" where we can band together to support specific initiatives and fund loans together!