The 2012 Holiday Collection is here!

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It's that time of the year again! Seems like we were just sharing the news of Valentin's birth with you- and now here we are, nearly 10 months later, preparing for his First Christmas! Along with the joys of having an infant in the house again has come so much  inspiration for new designs and collections- both for commemorating milestones, and for outfitting his play space.

Like this Baby's First Christmas Rocking Horse Ornament- for years, many of you have requested something special for Baby, and this year we think we got it! Handcrafted of porcelain and wood, this personalized piece will be an heirloom any family will gladly cherish into adulthood.

This is just one of many new designs in the 2012 Holiday Collection, so settle in, click on over to the shop, and explore the merriment of the season! Cheers!

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The Neighborhood Chair Collection!

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The Colonial

What a whirlwind season we have had here at Paloma's Nest! We have been building our new studios from scratch (check out our Twitter and Instagram @palomasnest to follow along), designing and creating our newest Collections, and chasing after our 9 month old infant who has decided he is ready to walk (!), so we apologize that the blogging has been seldom here. But for good reason!

Have you seen our Neighborhood Chair Collection? We are just so proud of these. Not only are they a pint-sized place to sit and rest, but they double as a dollhouse! Perfectly sized for imaginative play with standard dolls and dollhouse accessories, animal figurines or dinosaurs, these are sure to keep your little one busy for hours. (Plus, they look so great, you won't mind having one in your living room!) Lucky for us, Paloma loves hers so much we were able to snap lots of photos!

Available in The Colonial, The Victorian, and The Modern styles, which one reminds you of your neighborhood?

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New at Paloma's Nest: Personalized Wall Plaques

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How do you commemorate a family event- something so big that it affects your entire crew, from young to old? Whether a birth, an adoption, a cross-country move, or a new house, these new personalized tiles are a heirloom-quality reminder of the special, life-changing time. Each one is entirely handcrafted of porcelain and wood. Hang in your entry way,  or in the heart of your home, and pass them on to your children some day.

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Come Pin with Us! Paloma's Nest on Pinterest

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Ok. We admit it. We are hooked on Pinning. As with most social media things, we tend to be late comers- we stay on the sidelines and check things out before we dive in.  Oh, Pinterest. Now that we have started "pinning," we can't stop. What a fun burst of visual inspiration throughout the day (you know, just a "short break" here and there). When I was young, my mother always clipped and filed away images from her stacks and stacks of  magazines. Opening up those folders always filled my little mind with wonderful colors, textures, and ideas. And now, we have this modern way to store our own visual scrapbooks, and to see what our friends and colleagues are loving, too.  So join us. Pinteresteando un rato. Can't wait to see you there.

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The Language Collection of Ring Bearer Bowls by Paloma's Nest

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[caption id="attachment_1797" align="aligncenter" width="495" caption="image collage above courtesy of The Wedding Chicks"][/caption]

Over the years we have created hundreds- perhaps thousands- of our Ring Bearer Bowls. One thing is always true for every client we work with: the desire to infuse their wedding with their personal story, heritage, and dreams of the future. We noticed that for many couples, paying tribute to their family roots is a way to connect to their identity, history, and future family tree. Out of this desire to connect with the past as a way to lay a path for their future together, we created the "Language Collection" of Ring Bearer Bowls- based on languages and cultures around the world. We have started with Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Chinese, and look forward to adding Italian, German, and Portugese soon.

Do you have a favorite foreign language text that would be perfect to incorporate into your wedding? Is the language or birthplace of your parents or grandparents something you'd like to honor? We can always create a personalized bowl just for you from our selection of Custom Ring Bearer Bowl styles...in almost any language. Love knows no borders!

PS...save $5 on ANY of our Ring Bearer Bowls with coupon code RING now thru June 30 in our shop!

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