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My new favorite discovery is the brand Fabelab, out of Denmark.  Designed by mother and architect Michaela W-B, the product line includes blankets that fold up into origami-like birds, a duvet that morphs into butterfly wings, and- coming soon- a play mat that folds into a boat. Pure genius!


Be sure to check out this beautiful family-run company and their website at Fabelab, and on Instagram at @fabelabdk!

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Carrying Baby: a new book by Elle Rowley of Solly Baby

My friend Elle Rowley, founder of Solly Baby (which produces American-made, beautifully designed baby wraps) has just released her first book! Carrying Baby is a lift-the-flap adventure that explores how animals of all kinds carry their young. Congrats to Elle and her stellar team that includes illustrator  Ashley May Holland.

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