The Confetti Foundation

Posted on March 06, 2014

We are proud to announce that we have selected The Confetti Foundation as our charity of choice this year. Founded by Stephanie Frazier Grimm, of the Newport, Rhode Island-based event company Couture Parties, The Confetti Foundation works to bring smiles to children who are stuck in the hospital on their birthday due to whatever illness or condition they face.

By supplying Children's Hospitals across the country with specially-designed  "Birthday Party Kits," filled with decorations and well-wishes, parents and families are able to honor and celebrate their child on their day.

Interested in being a part of The Confetti Foundation? They are always seeking Birthday Heroes and Birthday Fairies to work on behalf of the organization in connecting with the Children's Hospital in your area; or, celebrate your own birthday by giving back: a donation of just $22 covers the cost of one Birthday Party Kit and is a wonderful way to share and commemorate your birthday. 


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