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Family Dolls by Timohandmade

The Christmas I was pregnant with Valentín, José surprised me with the most thoughtful gift: a set of three dolls by Israeli designer Timor Cohen, of Timohandmade. The father, expectant mother, and little girl soft sculptures sit here on the sunny windowsill in my office, and bring a smile to my face when I think back to those precious, fleeting days. A visit to Timohandmade will leave you smiling, too- the shop is full of darling personalities of all shapes and sizes, as well as some lovely decorations and stuffed animals. You can request custom dolls to reflect your own crew, or choose from the wonderful variety of vintage and rare textile art already for sale.


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Handcrafted Consulting

They say that you can decipher what it is you should be doing with your life based on the questions that people most frequently ask you. For me, those questions always revolve around small business, and more specifically handcraft business. How do you make a living from your art? How do you balance a young family with the demands of entrepreneurship? What do you do to stay motivated, creatively?

I decided in 2011 that to share and teach through my experience as a business owner and artist was a calling I needed to answer. Jose and I formed Handcrafted Consulting that year as a platform to mentor and educate other creative entrepreneurs in many facets of business life- from marketing and branding, to work/life balance, to scaling a company that is based on creating with your own two hands. Since then we have had the honor of working with a multitude of shops from small Etsy start-ups to larger more established brands and artists looking to branch out, and the fulfillment that comes from doing this work goes beyond what I could have ever imagined.

If you are an artist or creative entrepreneur seeking some guidance, a second opinion, a brainstorming partner to help in figuring out your next steps, contact me. We offer custom consulting packages based on your needs, and also have a simple Shop Review option if you just want some fresh eyes to fine-tune your e-commerce (Etsy, Shopify, Big Cartel or other) storefront.

We look forward to working with you. At a turning point? We know how it is. We know how it feels.

Visit for more details, or contact us at handcraftedconsulting (@)

*artwork here by the renowned Lisa Congdon; print available in her shop



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Nordstom and Etsy Present Paloma's Nest!


Sometimes things happen that you could have only dreamed of a year ago, or even just a few days ago. That's how we felt when we were asked by Nordstrom and Etsy Wholesale to be a part of "Nordstrom and Etsy Presents: Weddings!" What an honor!

To have our work be available at one of the most highly recognized retailers in the country is something we still can't wrap our little heads around. Thank you to all of the folks at Etsy who have always believed in us, and who continue to support and offer amazing opportunities to all artisans; and thank you to the stellar team at Nordstrom who have shown us so much patience and professionalism in every interaction we have had with them. It has truly been a wonderful experience. 

Our collection for Nordstrom is available online (free shipping!) and in all 5 of the Nordstrom Wedding Suites while supplies last (some styles are already sold out!). Be sure to take a peek and while you're there, check out fellow friends and artists WhichGoose, Serephine, Anto Arts, and more! 

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