Custom Rhinoceros Chair by Paloma's Nest

Posted on June 07, 2012

Leave it to our dear friend Agnes from Knock-Knocking to kick things up a notch. While she loves our Menagerie Children's Furniture, she was envisioning something a little "crazier" for her kids' room. Never one to settle, she begged and pleaded and pulled our arms (just kidding!), and we came up with this non-toxic metallic blue finish on this Rhino Chair just for them. No problem! We specialize in custom work. Have an idea for something you'd love us to craft or build for you? Contact us! We welcome custom commissions from clients, interior designers, retailers... and you!

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Notes from the Studio: A Lesson in Patience

Posted on June 06, 2012

I don't think I took a breath the whole time. My eyes were watering, and I needed to blink. But this lesson in concentration and patience is one I love dearly. A true test in mastering my craft. A challenge in the quest for "perfection." I look forward to these moments as a creator.

Lovingly hand stamped, one tiny letter at time, this bowl spells out the wedding vows a couple will share with one another next month. This bowl will be displayed and cherished in their home. Their children will one day learn to read the words. Their grandchildren will save it as a reminder of their love. Their great grandchildren will ask to hear the story of this bowl.

Creating heirlooms is our passion. Crafting pieces that will be as beautiful in 100 years as they are today is our inspiration. What inspires the work you do?

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Get to know us better: A few FAQ's about Paloma's Nest

Posted on March 18, 2011

Ever wonder what else we do here at Paloma's Nest besides make Ring Bearer Bowls™ ?  Lots of things! Here's a little list of projects we work on, that you may not know we do over here in our corner of the world...read on!

Custom Favors: We design and create items of all sorts for special events. From place setting details to decor, swag to welcome gifts, we can create keepsakes exclusively for you and your guests. Ceremonies, celebrations,  big or small-  let us customize something memorable.

Corporate Gift Giving: Tired of giving pens & coozies (I hope you don't really give coozies) to your clients and colleagues  as a representation of your business? Stop! Paloma's Nest creates a wide array of gifts that are completely unique and represent your company in a modern, creative way. We put our branding experience to work designing something that reflects and builds upon your brand, incorporates your logo and style, and meshes beautifully with your current marketing.

Private Label Designs: Looking for the perfect compliment to your own product line or retail assortment? A unique tag or packaging element? We work with businesses, manufacturers, and product designers to produce tiny details with big impact.

Is there something you've been curious about?  How we work? Where we create?  Leave a comment and ask!

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Some Love from the Press: Our Bouquet Text Tile!

Posted on January 27, 2011

What wonderful praise for our beloved Bouquet Text Tile! Custom crafted with the names, dates, words or monogram of your choice, and finished with gold or silver leaf on the edge, our little personalized token has been making appearances in some of the biggest and best wedding publications this month! This "charming" little charm makes a beautiful addition to your bouquet (tied around the stems, or nestled within the blooms), and later doubles as an heirloom-quality ornament or decoration in your home for years to come. A thoughtful personalized gift, and a timeless detail for the couple to include in their ceremony. We are so grateful to Town & Country Weddings, Cosmopolitan Bride (Australia), and Southern Living Magazine Weddings Issue for including our work in these latest issues. As an added bonus, Southern Living has included Paloma's Nest in their list,  "Best of the South."  Thanks, Y'all!

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Choosing the Text for Your Custom Heirloom: some tips, revisited

Posted on January 27, 2011

One of the questions I am most often asked is "What do you think I should I have stamped on my custom piece?" My answer is always a very honest one. The most special thing about having a Custom Ring Bearer Bowl™ or other custom piece made just for you is just that- it is made just for you.  Sure, I have stamped many wonderful words on pieces for other brides and other clients. Some of them have become favorites, some even added to our permanent collection. But what makes a custom piece wonderful is the meaning behind the words you choose - not someone else's clever idea, no matter how cute.  Perhaps your text is a few lines from a love note you have saved. A snippet of your wedding vows. A nickname, or an inside joke. When selecting your custom text, dig deep. Think with your heart. The most beautiful, most memorable, and most cherished words come from you and from those you love.  I look forward to making a beautiful custom piece for you soon. What will your custom text be?

This was originally posted on this blog on February 26, 2010.

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