Keepsake Journal by Smythson

Posted on March 08, 2010 | 0 comments

This ivory leather journal from Smythson has the words WEDDING PLANNER embossed in gold foil on the front cover. Inside, lined pages are divided into tabbed sections with titles such as 'dress', 'invitations', and 'reception'.

A lovely engagement gift!  I would recommend couples to use and save this heirloom quality piece as a written history of the event- such a family treasure for future generations!

The journal is available through Net-a-Porter. Or, you can order directly from Smythson (based in the UK), and have the added option of customizing the journal with names or other words, also stamped in gold foil (and you know how I love "custom!").

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Choosing the Text for your Custom Heirloom

Posted on February 26, 2010 | 0 comments

One of the questions I am most often asked is "What do you think I should I have stamped on my custom piece?" My answer is always a very honest one. The most special thing about having a Custom Ring Bearer Bowl™ or other custom piece made just for you is just that- it is made just for you.  Sure, I have stamped many wonderful words on pieces for other brides and other clients. Some of them have become favorites, some even added to our permanent collection. But what makes a custom piece wonderful is the meaning behind the words you choose - not someone else's clever idea, no matter how cute.

Perhaps your text is a few lines from a love note you have saved. A snippet of your wedding vows. A nickname, or an inside joke. When selecting your custom text, dig deep. Think with your heart. The most beautiful, most memorable, and most cherished words come from you and from those you love.

I look forward to making a beautiful custom piece for you soon. What will your custom text be?

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Introducing Our New Heirloom Packaging™

Posted on February 24, 2010 | 0 comments

In my journey to create items that will be passed on for generations to come, I am always working on ways to make my work better, even more special, and of even higher quality. To that end, the newest addition to the Paloma's Nest line is our Heirloom Packaging™.

Our Heirloom Packaging™ is now available  in the Paloma's Nest shop. Included are: a hand crafted wooden box, filled with nest to gently cradle your piece;  a length of Italian cotton ribbon, wrapped around the box; and a specially crafted wooden Heirloom Tag.  This Tag is designed to be a place to record the names and date of those who have received and loved the piece inside the box. As each generation inherits the treasured heirloom, they can add their names to the list on the tag- creating a written record of the history of the piece, detailing how and when it was enjoyed or used in celebration.

This special packaging is offered as an upgrade to any order; should you prefer our original Signature Packaging that we are known for, that is of course included with every piece at no additional cost. Enjoy!

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Inspired by Tradition: the work of Lauren Fowler, Fauna Studio

Posted on February 21, 2010 | 0 comments

The work of artist Lauren Fowler of Fauna Studio caught my eye because of its close resemblance to the historical whaling craft of scrimshaw. These necklaces are hand made of milky white or pale grey glass, kiln-fused with detailed illustrations; each pendant hangs from a vintage brass chain. Lauren says that in addition to scrimshaw, the inspiration for her current work includes the photography of Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) and Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932).  I am really loving the combination of influences in her work! Now to just pick one...

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A Favorite Place: Round Top

Posted on February 17, 2010 | 2 comments

I recently had the thrill of walking the aisles and booths of the Round Top Antique Show for the first time- a massive festival that takes place twice a year, quietly overwhelming a tiny Texas town. In Round Top, some booths are neatly displayed, as if arranged by an interior designer;  others are a mish-mash of  “stuff" overflowing from every surface. Regardless of the presentation, I hear history speak to me everywhere I look.

Stories of work, home, invention- every item has been somewhere, and at some point meant something, to someone. Its not so much about purchasing items at these shows- (though it is a lovely thing to give them “new life”)- but more about learning and gathering inspiration from the piles of history sitting in front of me.

These places are museums. While they may lack the research and titles and labels you would find in the Decorative Arts section of a world-renowned museum, they also lack the pretense and the selectivity, the exclusiveness. Nothing is more telling of a time period or era than the items that graced our daily lives- the dishes we used everyday, or our favorite worn-in easy chair. My mind races to learn and interpret those stories.

Items that seem common-place to us now, were at one time invented by someone, were brand new to someone, were hopefully loved by someone. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see piles of family photo albums and photographs- real documentation of a generation, separated from those who are most connected to them, for reasons unknown to us today.

In Austin, we are just a short drive to this twice-yearly Round Top Antique Festival, where I shot the image above. The next festival begins on March 30, and I am surprising the Paloma's Nest Studio Manager, Danielle, with an overnight trip to the show, in celebration of our shared March birthdays. (Surprise, Dani!!)  She shares my love of items from the past, so I hope this is an adventure we can enjoy together!

In New England, there is the Brimfield show. Where are your favorite places to absorb history? What types of items do you collect?

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