Custom House Portraits

Posted on June 23, 2017 | 0 comments
Custom House Portrait Drawing by Paloma's Nest
Our hand-drawn Custom House Portraits make for a very special gift for someone who truly makes their House into a Home! Drawn in pen and ink from the photographs you submit to us, we carefully and thoughtfully translate the photo into a stunning art piece that will be cherished for generations to come.
Home is truly where the heart is, and this gift of art is the perfect way to celebrate a new home (or saying goodbye to an old one), a retirement, a birthday, or even an anniversary- any occasion when you want to recognize the love and care the recipient has put into their "most important place in the world!"

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Modern Keepsake Gifts for New Baby

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Wooden Keepsake Box for Baby Gift by Paloma's Nest
We all love to shower new babies with clothing and toys, but the truth is, an infant can only play so much or wear so many outfits! How about giving a gift that will last forever- one that will mark the date of the child's birth, and hold precious memories as they grow up?
Our wooden keepsake box is handcrafted with a personalized porcelain tile that features the name and/or birth date of the child. It's perfect for holding the first lock of hair, the hospital ID bracelet, a few special photos, and even their first lost baby tooth.
Parents will appreciate the simple and timeless design of a box that they will want to proudly display in the home.

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Gifts Ideas for a Ninth Anniversary: Ceramics!

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Ceramic gifts for ninth wedding anniversary- ring bowl, cufflinks, ornament, custom made by Paloma's Nest

Are you celebrating nine years as a married couple? Tradition says the "perfect" gift for your ninth wedding anniversary is one made from ceramic!

Our personalized gifts and keepsakes are sure to bring a smile and become a special heirloom for your family, and most all are custom-crafted of the finest ceramic, right here in our studio on the Connecticut Shoreline.

Tradition is the root of all that we do here at Paloma's Nest- whether it is embracing an old family tradition, or finding a new and modern tradition that best suites you and the life you are creating. Give them something that is more than just a gift- give them an heirloom that will be passed on to future generations!

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Posted on August 11, 2014 | 0 comments

My new favorite discovery is the brand Fabelab, out of Denmark.  Designed by mother and architect Michaela W-B, the product line includes blankets that fold up into origami-like birds, a duvet that morphs into butterfly wings, and- coming soon- a play mat that folds into a boat. Pure genius!


Be sure to check out this beautiful family-run company and their website at Fabelab, and on Instagram at @fabelabdk!

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