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They say that you can decipher what it is you should be doing with your life based on the questions that people most frequently ask you. For me, those questions always revolve around small business, and more specifically handcraft business. How do you make a living from your art? How do you balance a young family with the demands of entrepreneurship? What do you do to stay motivated, creatively?

I decided in 2011 that to share and teach through my experience as a business owner and artist was a calling I needed to answer. Jose and I formed Handcrafted Consulting that year as a platform to mentor and educate other creative entrepreneurs in many facets of business life- from marketing and branding, to work/life balance, to scaling a company that is based on creating with your own two hands. Since then we have had the honor of working with a multitude of shops from small Etsy start-ups to larger more established brands and artists looking to branch out, and the fulfillment that comes from doing this work goes beyond what I could have ever imagined.

If you are an artist or creative entrepreneur seeking some guidance, a second opinion, a brainstorming partner to help in figuring out your next steps, contact me. We offer custom consulting packages based on your needs, and also have a simple Shop Review option if you just want some fresh eyes to fine-tune your e-commerce (Etsy, Shopify, Big Cartel or other) storefront.

We look forward to working with you. At a turning point? We know how it is. We know how it feels.

Visit handcraftedconsulting.com for more details, or contact us at handcraftedconsulting (@) gmail.com

*artwork here by the renowned Lisa Congdon; print available in her shop



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Mushybooks: Modern Baby Books

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I admit it.

Valentín is two years old and I haven't started his baby book. (GASP!)

Maybe he falls victim to being the "second child" (we know how that goes), or maybe I can blame technology for the fact that most all of his baby pictures live in digital format. But I think much of it has to do with not being able to find a well-designed, timeless Baby Book to use as his special keepsake. I'm picky like that.

Until now.

I discovered MushyBooks on Instagram one day and instantly felt a kindred connection the brand: like Paloma's Nest, MushyBooks is creating products that don't scream "cutesy-baby-overload" and instead focus on clean, classic style that will still be beautiful long into the future. A simple white cover is detailed with baby feet, and the book is filled with well-designed pages for all of the essentials: a family tree, baby's first haircut, favorite things...


MushyBooks was created and run by mom-to-three Lesley in British Columbia, Canada. I'm headed over to her site to order one today!

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Danielle LaPorte -The Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions

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Whoa! I know. A video, on our little blog. Big things are happening, you just wait and see. 

It's a rainy day here on the Connecticut Shoreline. Jose and Paloma are snuggled up watching a movie, and Valentín is taking a much needed toddler nap.

I am here at my cozy desk, working on a dream. A dream that has not quite come to fruition; a dream that is still in the work-it-out-on-paper and hope-no-one-laughs stages. But this is how all great things begin. And that's often the hard part...beginning.

When Jose and I started Paloma's Nest in 2007, we saw an opportunity to live the life we had always imagined. An opportunity to share our work with the world. It was a "now or never" situation, and we took that first step. We BEGAN. And just by doing that, we created the reality we have today.

Are you familiar with Danielle LaPorte? If not, I am honored to introduce you. My love of her writings (and now multi-media inspiration delivered in all shapes and forms) started years ago in Austin when I attended one of her Fire Starter Sessions. It was actually a rainy Saturday just like this one today. The knowledge and passion I harnessed there took me through many challenges and decisions; and now, years later, I follow Danielle's Desire Map program. Her teachings, like the Credo here, give me the kick-in-the-pants, stop-whining-and-love-yourself-already kind of motivation I need to cut through the fear and turn my ideas into my truth.

We are all dreaming of something. We all have ideas. What are you doing with yours? Watch this video. A lot. And head over to meet Danielle LaPorte and pick up the Desire Map or Fire Starter Sessions. No regrets.


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The Confetti Foundation

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We are proud to announce that we have selected The Confetti Foundation as our charity of choice this year. Founded by Stephanie Frazier Grimm, of the Newport, Rhode Island-based event company Couture Parties, The Confetti Foundation works to bring smiles to children who are stuck in the hospital on their birthday due to whatever illness or condition they face.

By supplying Children's Hospitals across the country with specially-designed  "Birthday Party Kits," filled with decorations and well-wishes, parents and families are able to honor and celebrate their child on their day.

Interested in being a part of The Confetti Foundation? They are always seeking Birthday Heroes and Birthday Fairies to work on behalf of the organization in connecting with the Children's Hospital in your area; or, celebrate your own birthday by giving back: a donation of just $22 covers the cost of one Birthday Party Kit and is a wonderful way to share and commemorate your birthday. 


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Now Offering Gift Cards- Delivered by Email!

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You asked, and we have finally been able to make it happen!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering gift cards, delivered to you immediately via email! It's hard to remember to order a special gift ahead of time, due to our custom-crafting process for personalized designs...that baby shower or engagement party invite showed up without much notice! We totally understand the disappointment when the gift you wanted to give can't be ready in time. We want your special gift to be loved as much as you do. So- these new gift cards make things so much better! Your recipient can choose their own heirloom piece, and specify their own personalization; their gift is made to order whenever they are ready (instructions on how to redeem come with the gift card), and you, the lovely gift-giver, come out looking like a champ!

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