PEACE ceramic letter garland set


For the 2020 Holiday Collection, we chose to focus on the symbolism of the garland: an age-old holiday decoration with symbolism rooted in purity, beauty, love and eternity, with the evergreen versions representing perseverance through the long winter season.  2020 is most certainly a year for perseverance! 

Our PEACE garland set includes all five hand-cut white ceramic letters to spell the word "peace," as well as a generous yard of natural cream cotton ribbon to suspend the letters from. Lace the letters onto the ribbon as you wish, and hang the set over a window, on a wreath, encircling your tree, or anywhere you want a gentle reminder of the meaning of the season. 

Each letter measures approximately 3" tall, and has one hole for hanging at the top; letters could be hung as individual ornaments if you wish to not string as a garland. 

Please allow up to two weeks for crafting before this item ships. 

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