CUSTOM House Portrait


Commemorate the home they love, the place that is such an important part of every day. Capture the memories ingrained in stepping through the front door; evoke the feeling of playing in the front yard on a sunny day. A timeless gift to celebrate a new home or old neighbor, or to say a fond farewell when moving away.

Your custom house portrait will be drawn for you by Paloma's Nest co-founder and designer Jose Vasquez-Corbalan, in pen and ink in black and white, hand-drawn on smooth archival-quality white paper.

While the size of the image may vary based on the shape of the property and surroundings, each rendering will be drawn on paper measuring a standard 11 x 14" inches (horizontal or vertical, depending on images provided and layout of rendering), ready to frame. Your house portrait will be signed at the bottom; property address may be included upon request.

Order by adding this item to your shopping cart. When you receive your order confirmation email, simply reply to us and attach any available photographs you have for the artist to use in creating the rendering. 

Your custom house portrait will be based on the images you provide. By submitting photos to us via email, you acknowledge that you are the rightful owner of the photographs; as such, you grant us permission to create artwork based on submitted photographs.

Your house portrait will be done in a style similar to the examples shown here. Any special requests for details to include or omit will be considered. Please allow for the artist to have a level of artistic license and professional discretion in creating this rendering.